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Our Purpose

Is to create a true and lasting friendship among a group of women, encourage one another in the pursuit of knowledge, promote values-based living, and embrace social responsibility.

National History

In the fall of 1902, Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, opened its doors to female students for the first time. Three fraternities existed on campus, but sororities were yet to exist. This motivated six young women to create a lifelong sisterhood, fostering with ideas of their own. On October 24, 1902, these inspiring women- Alfa Lloyd, Mary Collins, Anna Keen, Julia Bishop, Mabelle Minton, and Anne Simmons chose to name their newly created sorority, Delta Zeta.


Lambda Xi History

     The Delta Zeta Lambda Xi Chapter at Texas A&M University began on November 9, 1974 when three young women, Patsy Hedges, Elaine Bennett, and Martha Bassett met with Mrs. Carolyn Gullatt, who was the Province Collegiate Director of Texas. They discussed the possibility of establishing the first sorority at Texas A&M. On November 19, they had their second meeting with about 15 girls attending. Debbie Raziano, the Field Representative, and Carolyn Gullat met with the girls a third time on November 25. With 20 or more attending, they voted to establish the first sorority at Texas A&M. As the chapter kicked off recruiting and pledging new members, meetings and social events began to unite the girls and the long-awaited day of initiation arrived. The initiation service was held Sunday, April 6, 1975. Debbie Raziano had worked long and hard with the girls and had been their source of encouragement. Initiation was a touching moment when all had realized their dreams of a lifelong sisterhood had come true. It was a challenging road for the 36 girls as they sought to add another tradition to the Texas A&M campus by establishing the first sorority. On April 6, 1975, there was deep satisfaction and joy for they had become the newest chapter of Delta Zeta, the chapter of Lambda Xi.

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