I'm Ashley and I'm so excited to be serving Delta Zeta as Vice President of Membership! Recruitment is one of the most exciting weeks for Delta Zeta and we are looking forward to meeting each and every one of you. We hope to show you the benefits of going greek and all of the amazing things our sisterhood has to offer. Recruitment provides us not only with the chance to show you the love we have for this house and one another, but it also serves as one of the many ways we come together as a chapter, united in a common goal.

      Joining Delta Zeta offers women a support system that never lets you down and encouragement to keep on going. Members gain the confidence to reach their dreams and are inspired to put those dreams into action on campus and in the community. When you join Delta Zeta, you find not only your best friends but sisters for life. Meeting different members of the chapter allows you to learn from others with different backgrounds and interests because Delta Zeta is such a diverse sorority. The strong sense of sisterhood is so important during your college experience and doesn’t end upon graduation. Delta Zee’s sisterhood is for a lifetime!


                               Ashley Oldham



Early:  May 14th – July 30th - $125.00 registration fee

Regular:  June 1st – July 31st - $150.00 registration fee

Last Chance:  August 1st – August 9th- $250.00 registration fee

**Please send all Letters of Recommendation to** 

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**The following dates are from 2020 recruitment, the new dates have not been announced. See Texas A&M College Panhellenic Council for all official updates.**

August 7th ~ Convocation (Virtual)  

August 7th & 8th ~ Open House (Virtual)  

August 9th & 10th ~  Philanthropy (Virtual) 

August 11th - 13th ~ Sisterhood (Virtual) 

August 14th & 15th ~ Preference (Virtual)

August 16th ~ Bid Day  

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Be Yourself! This is one of the most important rules during recruitment! Be yourself and genuine while talking because these women could be your future sisters. We want to get to know the real you beyond the surface, not whom you are trying to be. You don't need to be worried about saying the right thing or trying to impress each chapter. Just Be You! 


Trust the System! Seriously! Recruitment is about finding the best match. If it is meant to be it will happen. Always remember you want to be in the house that wants you for YOU! 


Keep an Open Mind!  By having your mind set on one chapter, you will lose out on what other chapters have to offer. Try to block out other opinions and form your own based on the conversations you have with the women from each chapter throughout the week. Where you feel most comfortable is where you belong!


Come Prepared! Make sure you bring snacks and water to snack on and stay hydrated in between parties. Take advantage of all of the breaks you get because this week can be very long, and unfortunately very hot!

Get a Glimpse of Bid Day Here!